Assess the monitoring, evaluation procedure of BCCT and the impact assessment of CCT Projects

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With support from the Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF) of the Ministry of Environment and Forest of the Government of Bangladesh, BIDS is conducting a study titled “Assess the monitoring, evaluation procedure of BCCT and the impact assessment of CCT Projects”. The study team includes Dr. M Asaduzzaman, Dr. Nazneen Ahmed, Dr. Harunur Rashid Bhuyan and Dr. Zabid Iqbal.

To address the vulnerabilities induced by climate change, the Government of Bangladesh constituted Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF) in the fiscal year 2009-10 with its own fund. CCTF was actually created to implement 44 programs specified under the six thematic areas of BCCSAP. The Trust Fund was being operated through a project under the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Subsequently, Climate Change Trust Act, 2010 was enacted; and as per the direction of Climate Change Trust Act, 2010, Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT) was established on 24 January 2013 with effect from 13 October 2010.

Bangladesh is the first country, among most climate vulnerable countries in the world, who has allocated BDT 2900 crore from its revenue budget to implement projects for mitigation and adaptation of climate induced vulnerability through CCTF. This amount was allocated between fiscal years 2009-10 to 2014-15, i.e. in 6 years. Till end of 2016, CCTF has approved 340 projects under six boarder thematic areas, such as- (1) Food security, social protection and health; (2) Comprehensive disaster management; (3) Infrastructure; (4) Research and knowledge management; (5) Mitigation and low carbon development; and (6) Capacity building and institutional strengthening.

This study will conduct an independent evaluation of selected projects funded by the CCTF. This independent evaluation will help CCTF to formulate effective monitoring framework for CCTF projects and diagnose strengths and weaknesses of these projects, so that future projects could be adopted and implemented in a more effective and robust way. The independent evaluation of the projects funded by CCTF will be diagnostic in nature and will cover the process, implementation strategies and results achieved by the projects. The evaluation will be conducted on 27 selected projects.

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The Bangladesh Unnayan Gobeshona Protishthan or The Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) is an autonomous public multi-disciplinary organization which conducts policy oriented research on development issues facing Bangladesh and other developing countries. 

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