Baseline Satisfaction Survey for College Education Development Project (CEDP)

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The Government of Bangladesh (GOB) with the support of the World Bank is implementing a project in the National University affiliated tertiary colleges to improve their teaching and learning environment as well as to strengthen their strategic planning and management capacity. This project, known as the College Education Development Project (CEDP), is being implemented through the National University authority.

To keep account of all relevant indicators of the project and assess the satisfaction level of stakeholders about the existing situation (i.e., before the intervention is launched), a beneficiary feedback survey (baseline Satisfaction Survey) is planned to be carried out at the very inception of the project. For these purpose students, faculties and employers of a representative sample of tertiary colleges will be surveyed. The findings of the survey will be treated as the benchmark of satisfaction levels of the college students, faculties and employers which will later support the assessment on how the direct beneficiaries value the interventions under the project, especially Institutional Development Grant (IDG) in the subsequent follow-up surveys as well as tracer studies of graduates from these colleges.

Specifically the study will address the following issues- develop profiles of the NU affiliated honours and master’s colleges in terms of the current academic environment, facilities, and human resources, take an account of the existing college facilities and investments, gather knowledge about employers’ perception about knowledge and skills of NU graduates, measure the level of satisfaction and perception about the quality of teaching and learning environment in colleges.

The study will use both quantitative and qualitative approaches to address the above objectives.

Study Team:

Minhaj Mahmud, Siban Shahana, Golam Nabi Mozumder and Shahidul Islam.

Timeline of the study: March – June 2019

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