BIDS-WB Book Launch of “Stitches to Riches?”

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Bangladesh can create millions of jobs in its garment sector by raising productivity of people and improving social and environmental compliance, the World Bank said in a book launching ceremony hosted jointly with Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) on 2 May 2016. The study Stitches to Riches? says, China is the largest apparel supplier having a 41 percent global market share; Bangladesh is the second largest with a 6.4 percent share. Bangladesh is likely to be benefitted from the shift of work orders from China, as the economic giant is losing its market share due to higher costs of production. The study was conducted by the World Bank with the data from 2012. Many eminent economists of Bangladesh were present in the program and lead to a very interactive and lively QnA session in the conclusion. The session was chaired by the honorable Director General of BIDS, Dr. KAS Murshid.

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