How Teenagers Use Smartphones to Exercise Freedom

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This study examines how teenagers in Dhaka city use smartphones to exercise freedom, specifically, how the young users avoid parental and social supervision. Instead of reproducing the binary dichotomy of good and bad usage, this study investigates what youngsters do with smartphones, specifically, when they are relatively free from supervisions. The study plan is to interview students, who own or regularly use smartphones. Fifty in-depth interviews of high school students from five different areas (Uttra, Gulshan, Mohammadpur, Khilgaon, and Old Dhaka) will be conducted. To examine potential differences of experiences along the gender line, fifty percent of the respondents will be girls. Fifty separate interview reports will be prepared and translated into English. Subsequently, NVivo—a specialized software for processing qualitative data—will be used to analyze the interview reports. This study aims to contribute to finding an appropriate balance between necessary supervision and required independence of young, inquisitive minds.

Team Leader: Dr. Golam Nabi Mozumder

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