P​rofessor Kaushik Basu visits BIDS

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Chief Economist, World Bank, Professor Kaushik Basu visited BIDS on December 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm and engaged in a lively exchange with BIDS researchers, sharing his perspectives on development policy and views on a number of critical issues in development economics, particularly on markets, exchange, globalization, and the role of behaviour and human psychology. During his visit, he was accompanied by Ms. Forhad J. Shilpi, Senior Economist, World Bank, Dr.Zahid Hussain, Lead Economist, World Bank and Dr. Biru Paksha Paul, Chief Economist, Bangladesh Bank. At the outset, Professor Basu delivered a short lecture where he explained the necessity of understanding Economics as a holistic discipline of study incorporating insights from other branches of the Social Sciences, like Anthropology, Governance and Political Science. The session ended with an interactive QnA where Dr. Basu responded to different questions from the researchers.

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